3 Tons Feed Pellet Making Plant Shipping to Australia
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3 Tons Feed Pellet Making Plant Shipping to Australia

3 Tons Feed Pellet Making Plant Shipping to Australia

What will comes to your mind when you hear Australia?prairie,flock of sheep,Large fields of rape flowers or Enthusiastic farmer?

As we all know,Australia is famous for its nature products which has no pollution and this country has few people,Mike is a farmer from here,he has a family farm which is took over from his father.Just like his father,Mike loves this farm,and he plans to spend the rest of his life to his farm.because Mike has been worked outside for several years,so he has some different ideas from his father.his father is one of  traditional farmers in local.he feeds his sheep and goat,seeding and harvesting crops year by year.But for Mike,he wants to apply what he has learned to his farm.He wants to make feed pellet for his sheep himself and wants to sell some to local farmers at the same time.

In April,He contacted our sales July and told his thoughts to July.Sheep feed pellet production line is our main products,So after discussed,Mike flew to China and visited our factory and customer sites.

According to His requirement,we made a project for him,9KLH-350 3 tons per hour animal feed production line,Including Grinding system,Mixing system,Pellet system,Packing system,which can produce both sheep,cattle and chickens feed just by changing the molds.this line use Model 350 Pellet machine because the main raw material is grass.As we all know,manpower cost in Australia is expensive,we equipped an automatic bagging machine for him,and A Rotary crusher which can crush bale grass into grass hair directly,so this line only need one person to operate,Mike is very satisfied with our project.

After 2 months manufacturing,The machines have been shipped on 15th,July,And our engineers are ready to fly there for installation.

If you have requirement of animal feed pellet machine or production line,Please leave message on our website,and our technician team will make a satisfied and customized project for you.