30 Tons Per Day Soybean Oil Press Plant Ready For Shipping
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30 Tons Per Day Soybean Oil Press Plant Ready For Shipping

Soybean Oil Press Plant With 30 Tons Per Day

The soybean oil is for animal use, and the cake can also be used into animal feed.

Input capacity: 30 ton soybean per 24 hours

Key function: Make sure the oil seeds in the best condition, so as to extract more oil out of oil seeds sufficiently and easily. In other words, it is applied to improve the edible oil production efficiency, save energy economically and costs minimum.

Process Flowchart: Cleaning (remove the stone, iron impurities, small and large impurities from seeds) —Crusher—Cooker—Screw oil expeller—Leaf filter—Oil

Screw oil expeller

The new type screw oil expeller is used to extract oil from rapeseeds, which is very suitable for oil press line, the oil residual will be less, and more oil will be extracted out. Capacity is from 100kg/h to 600kg/h.

Leaf filter

After press, we can get crude oil, and after nature settling, some impurity can be removed. But there are cake residual and other impurities in oil. The leaf filter is used to remove these cake residual and impurities. The filtered oil will be very clean, and can be eaten directly. The leaf filter can discharge the filter cake automatically, which save labors.


The cooker can improve the temperature and decrease moisture of the rapeseeds, and make rapeseeds suitable to squeeze oil; the cooker break the cell well and make the oil come together, then the oil is easy to flow out, also can increase the oil yield.

We provide construction condition drawing (as blow) to make sure everything is clear and send every machines’ installation instructions and operation Manual for understanding better.


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